a pain in the arm?

So, I’ve been having some serious wrist pains lately….to the point where it hurts to type, use a mouse, you know, work on the computer in general. My husband bought me one of those fancy ergonomic mouse pads. It didn’t help. I adjusted my seat at work. Still nothing. So it dawned on me that I needed to go to the doctor.

So, I went today.

I have tendonitis.

In all honesty, tendonitis is probably good news. I mean it could have been carpal tunnel, right? My friend Jen had that. And she’s had the surgery that goes along with it.
I don’t do surgery.
Tendonitis is perfectly fine with me.

So I asked the doctor what I should do to help heal said tendonitis. His response was classic….totally priceless…
“Your company should have an ergonomic specialist who can come in and take a look at your space and make it work so that everything suits you. Replace your keyboard, your mouse..” Blah Blah Blah.

I smiled and said, “That’s cute”.

Who has an ergonomic specialist??
Better yet, who becomes an ergonomic specialist?

So I went back to work, complained to my friend Jay about it and watched him adjust my monitor and chair. Maybe it was the Aleve I took after the appointment, but all I know is that the pain was a little less after Jay stopped by cubeworld.

The doctor also told me to limit my computer use.
I froze. I mean how am I supposed to do that? I work on a computer in a cube from 830a-530p everyday. I blog, I social network, I pretty up pictures with picnik. I mean hello?
Doesn’t he know I’M ADDICTED???

All of this to say that I’m going to have to officially limit my computer use…
which means fewer posts for the next few days…
which means I’ll be in total withdrawal…
which means I’ll be checking blog stats for nothing….
it’s a sick sick cycle of insanity here…
and I’m a sick sick person.



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2 responses to “a pain in the arm?

  1. Jennifer Terrell Bond

    Katie. Three words. Get the surgery.

    haha – you thought I was going to say I LOVE YOU, didn’t you?

    Well, I do – which is why I’m advising you to get surgery. Pain Meds…… LOTS of pain meds…. which help ease the pain of our JOBS.

  2. rhooby

    it’s kinda like the docs telling the young mother wtih back trouble “stay off your feet and don’t lift anything heavy.” hahahaha.. i always wondered in what time warp these docs exist. you may have to ergonom it yourself. have you looked how the chair, desk and mouse pad relate? i think i’ll have to check into that for you.

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