oatmeal raisin cookie – FAIL

Yeap, that’s right.


I used the right ingredients.


I followed the instructions.


I baked them to the alotted time.

And even though they look perfectly normal, they taste like death.

I’ve gone over it a million different ways and everytime it always ends up the same. I blame the recipe.
I mean how could it be me, right? I only did what the recipe told me to do.
So next time I make oatmeal raisin cookies, I’ll look elsewhere for a recipe.
Because when you fail, you should bake and bake again.



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5 responses to “oatmeal raisin cookie – FAIL

  1. Mary T.

    that is like me and banana bread. I’ve tried several recipes and it is never moist for me. I can’t get the bananas any ‘blacker’ and i’ve tried different things. guess banana bread is not meant to be baked by me!!!

    • katie

      oh mary t that’s hysterical! ashley has tried to make banana bread about 4 times and everytime it drops! what cracks me up about it is that it tastes amazing. it just doesn’t look like banana bread. 🙂

  2. I’ve never, never cooked good oatmeal cookies.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’m having a giveaway on my blog through Sept. 4. theprovidentwoman.com

  3. shutterboo

    Really? My mom made oatmeal raisin bars. So moist, so chewy, so yummy. And we’d down them with sweet tea. Huh, I need that recipe.

  4. katie

    provident woman- i’m so glad i’m not alone. file this one under “tried it now time to move on”

    shutterboo- you’ll definitely have to send your mom’s recipe. it has got to be better than the one i used…

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