libby and the chair

libby and the chair, originally uploaded by kmslat.

A blog I visit frequently called shutterboo has created a weekly photo challenge. The tasks range from photographing chairs to cocktails. This week’s challenge is the chair. Unfortunately, my dogs get a little amped up everytime I bring out a camera. Something tells me I’ve taken one too many photos of these guys and now they’re camera hogs. Who am I kidding? I love it.

This is the photo I submitted to the weekly photo challenge. Definitely nothing fantastic about it, especially because I’m still using my point and shoot digital camera instead of a nice shiny DSLR, but because it’s Libby on my grandmother’s old slipper chair, I kind of love it.


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11 responses to “libby and the chair

  1. shutterboo

    I’m a fan of anything doggin related. And an even bigger fan of anything border collie related. Perfect “chair” photo!

    • katie

      thank you shutterboo!
      ps. your photo was beautiful! i’m still in shock that the photo was taken in your office.

      • shutterboo

        I work in advertising – not creative by any means, I’m a media gal – so our office has a really funky layout to keep the place “buzzing.” Bright colors, funky furniture, pods instead of cubes – it’s quite different but I like it.

      • katie

        are you kidding? i work in media- in advertising too! except i’m on the tv sales side. what an incredibly small world!

      • shutterboo

        Ha! I’m a planner/buyer – specialize in direct response. Fun times!

      • katie

        love it. i used to be a buyer at a small agency here in atlanta, but moved to the national rep side about 9 years ago. what agency do you work for?

      • shutterboo

        I’m @ a small agency in Louisville (based out of Bloomington, IN) called Finelight. We work with a lot of health care companies so I’m gearing up for the Medicare season – yeehaw! Which national rep firm are you with? I have 2 contacts in ATL – CBS and FOX.

  2. Christy

    LOVE this picture!

  3. rhooby

    i love the contrast in the pic – and i love the doggie in the photo!

  4. lensaddiction

    Just thought I would drop in and say hi – cute dog btw – I follow some of the same food blogs you do – Bakerella and Pioneer Woman.

    May I suggest a couple more of interest – I think one of the better blogs out there and like PW she has LOTS of awesome photos – a new blog for me but check out the amazing rainbow cake.

    And for when you do get yourself a nice shiny new DSLR, you might mind my blog of interest – I just got myself a DSLR and now am figuring out how to drive it and am blogging my experiences and discoveries πŸ™‚

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