fun with picnick.

Dec 30, 2008 060, originally uploaded by kmslat.

By now it’s pretty clear I love photography. No, I’m certainly not great at it, but I do love it.
I don’t have a fancy camera (although fingers crossed, I should have a pretty swank one by mid October) nor do I have Photoshop. So in my quest to pretty up some of my less than stellar photos I came across a lovely little program called Picnick.

After spending the last 20 minutes using Picnick I can already tell we’re going to be fast friends.

Here’s a little photo I took in Nashville last year. Trust me when I say it was nothing special. It was grainy and dull to say the least. But with the help of Picnick, I was able to boost the color, fade the edges, sharpen the overall landscape, and add my own little text to the picture.

Yes guys, Picnick and I are going to be very, very happy together.

Well, that is until I realize I want to use the Premium features that will cost me money. Luckily, we’re not to that point yet. Until then, say hello to my new friend.

It’s not just for plaid tablecloths and baskets anymore.



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6 responses to “fun with picnick.

  1. MEP

    Dude! It’s from our walk at Radnor Lake. I’ll call soon to schedule the next visit. Loves. ME

  2. shutterboo

    The fall colors are so pretty! I haven’t used picnick much so I might have to check it out.

  3. katie

    Shutterboo, those pretty fall colors are thanks to the magic of picnick! 🙂 and yes mep, that is from our walk!

  4. rhooby

    that’s really pretty. picnick is a great tool!

  5. katie

    And the best part is that picnik is free! although i’m still itching to get photoshop….oh and i will. one day. to go along with that fancy camera i’m also itching for. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the link! I love you.

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