I hate shopping.

It’s true. I hate shopping. Okay, let me clarify that statement… I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. I love getting new things, but I hate the process of actually driving to the mall, finding a parking space, pushing through the crowds, and waiting in long lines to physically make a purchase. Let’s take today for example. I went to one of our bigger malls thinking I could kill a couple birds with one stone and because I knew it would be cool inside. That was my first mistake. Thinking it would be cool. I’m sorry, but it was hotter than the hinges of hell in that place and it made my cranky. (See, already off to a bad start…)

I started off at JCrew. WRONG! Aside from the fact everything in there has about a 120% markup, the line at the register was about 15 people deep. 15 not 5.

Next, Ann Taylor Loft. Why? I don’t know. It’s never been a store suited for me. I don’t tend to fit into anything in there. However, I found an adorable little cotton violet dress. It looked cute enough. Cute enough for me to wear to work. WRONG! Hello, I’m not built like a stick. I do in fact have junk in my trunk.

Finally, Bloomingdales. Oh this was going to be my safe haven. I knew I would find exactly what I was after there. Bobbi Brown lip gloss in brown sugar. Personally, it’s my favorite. Actually makes me look alive instead of the usual pale lifeless color I am. Guess what? WRONG! Unbelievable. Bobbi Brown discontinued these lip glosses! Who does that Bobbi? Tell me? So I bought the last random tube of lip gloss they had. It was a pale pink and not even remotely close to the color I had my heart set on…

So to end this tragic day I headed over to DSW where in fact I was slightly lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to walk out of there with a couple of pairs of nice work shoes, but I’ll be okay with the one pair that I bought.
After all, they are by Franco Sarto. Years ago I used to have a love affair with his shoes, but then he got too quirky for my taste. But after today, the love affair is back on.

Don’t be fooled though. I still hate shopping.



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2 responses to “I hate shopping.

  1. rhooby

    dang, those shoes are adorable!!!!!! sistah, we need to let miss bobbi know how she’s screwed us!!!!!! that really makes me mad. why does the makeup industry do that?? why do they discontinue the good stuff? and why don’t they let us know so we can go buy all that’s left? i’m trying ebay. i’m like an addict lookin for my fix…

  2. katie

    i don’t know but I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it! 🙂 i thought about trying ebay too, but first i’m hitting up all the stores on line. good luck!

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