white trash…

Wednesday, that is. And I’m right on time this week.

So, without further adieu, here is your white trash recipe of the day:
Deviled ham sandwich.

You’ll need:
2 slices of super soft white bread, preferably Wonder Bread as it contains the most preservatives
a can of deviled ham (oh and deviled ham is nothing remotely close to deviled eggs. trust me on this one.)

Spread the mayo on the bread and top it off with the can of deviled ham.
Enjoy with an RC Cola and a side of Funyons.

*In my attempt at full disclosure, my mom used to make this sandwich for me when I was a child. Did I mention that deviled ham is spreadable? As in, you spread it on the bread. And if you’re brave enough to try it, I’ve actually seen it in multiple grocery stores.
God speed.



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4 responses to “white trash…

  1. rhooby

    hmmm…. i’m kinda worryin bout that red devil on the package. he looks like he’s doin an evil dance…. so it might be “evil ham.” that really wouldn’t sell, would it?

  2. katie

    oh it’s most certainly evil ham. it’s spreadable for goodness sake! doesn’t that go against nature?

  3. Lindsey

    This is one of my mom’s favorite things. I learned to stay away from it when the cats wouldn’t even eat it. Plus, it smells like feet.

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