Total rut.

Ever since I started the weekly dinner menu routine I have tried incredibly hard to stay on my toes and plan exciting meals. Unfortunately, my creativity ran out some time ago. What I have learned is that I have an unhealthy relationship with pasta.

Last night was chicken parmesan.
Tomorrow night will be turkey sausage, spinach, and farfalle.

I’d say in one week I make on average 3 pasta dishes.

One word – carbs.

See what I mean by unhealthy?

I have a few questions for you, my interweb friends…

Do you find yourself in a similar dinner menu rut?
If so, how do you get out of it?
Ps. I’m looking to post some of your recipes so if you’re willing, I’m all about sharing.



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3 responses to “Total rut.

  1. Lindsey

    To give you an idea of our family rut, we have fish stick night every week. Sad thing is, I look forward to it. I would get a cookbook and pick five recipes you want to try. Then go on Saturday or Sunday and buy for the week. That is what we have tried to do, and it works….some of the time.

  2. rhooby

    all through my childhood, my ocd mother had all menus planned. monday, tuesday and wednesday would be “surprise” days (that revolved around 4-5 entrees, depending on the season), thursday was hamburgers and french fries (always homemade), friday was always fish, saturday was spaghetti and sunday was roast beef. talk about a lifelong rut!!!!! on the other hand, she was a killer good cook!

  3. katie

    i want to come over for thursday night dinner!

    notice that only one of those nights was really a pasta dish. lindsey- fish stick night? i think we did that when we were little…that and taco casserole night. ummm, taco casserole…

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