white trash…saturday??

Not sure what happened but this entire week got away from me. It just dawned on me that I completely spaced on White Trash Wednesday. So in honor of the fact that I’m in Alabama, I’ll post a quick and easy recipe for everyone’s gastrointestinal pleasure.

Fried bologna sandwich:
Two slices of Wonder Bread
Two slices of Bologna, red edges removed

To make:
Toss the bologna in a skillet and watch it sizzle.
Remove when browned to your liking.
Place on two slices of mustard covered Wonder Bread.

Eat with a side of Doritoes and a can of ice cold Coca-Cola. (Or Co-Cola if you’re from Mississippi.)

ps. If you want to fancy it up, you can toast your bread and melt a slice of Velveeta.

Disclaimer: I hate bologna. This is one of my husband’s favorite sandwiches. And he doesn’t call himself white trash.



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3 responses to “white trash…saturday??

  1. rhooby

    ahhhhhh…. it’s the mountaineer’s steak sandwich! sorry, but i love it!!!

  2. katie

    ha ha! that’s brilliant!! the mountaineer steak sandwich. so, it was invented in west virginia? makes sense.

  3. rhooby

    now i can’t swear that it was invented there, but it sho is loved there!!

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