i dream of spinach

I didn’t mention our anniversary dinner in my previous post because I felt that the meal deserved its own. It was that good.

We went to Rathbun’s Steak.

This has to be one of the best restaurants in Atlanta and trust me, that’s a bold statement. Atlanta has some of the most amazing restaurants in this country. I know it sounds crazy, but would I lie to you?. Having fabulous restaurants is one of the few perks we have here. It helps you to forget about the mosquitoes and the humidity.

Now you can gather by the name that it’s a steak restaurant. It’s your typical dark wood, boys club type steak restaurant. And the steak is a-mazing. I mean melt in your mouth, should be dessert amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love their steak, especially the dry-aged steak for two. (Or as my husband calls it, the dry-aged steak for Ashley. Isn’t he funny?) It’s the best, but my heart and stomach belong to the spinach salad. So much so, that I spent the better part of the morning searching for the recipe on-line. It is a simple spinach salad. It has bacon, onions, and a shaved egg. Unfortunately, the dressing is the key to making this salad so dreamy.

So, I googled…and searched some more for the recipe and wouldn’t you know I ended right back at my favorite website, the pioneer woman. Shocking. And BAM! it was right there. From start to finish…and pictures included. I couldn’t have been more excited.

Now I just need to have some dinner guests over to share this salad. Until then I’m going to dream about it.
In the meantime, if you would like to make it, just go here. That Pioneer Woman is so helpful. She’s even got it in a printable recipe format. Isn’t she thoughtful?



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4 responses to “i dream of spinach

  1. rhooby

    oh dear, why did you mention this restaurant???? now my mouth is watering and we already had dinner. how can i possibly be salivating? i’m like pavlov’s dog. and i’ll be sure to score that recipe.

  2. katie

    the food is really just that good though. ashley called me several times yesterday to tell me he couldn’t stop craving the steak. i’m still dying for the salad!

  3. rhooby

    sounds like a return trip is in order.

  4. katie

    i think you may be right. 🙂

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