the perils of facebook

facebook-logoWhile I’m thinking about it, I have to pose this question…and no it’s not the question of the day.

Why am I addicted to Facebook?
I mean really?
At first it was fun trying to “reconnect” with old friends, blah blah blah, but now, it has just become a technological addiction. There’s no real value in it. If I want to talk, communicate with someone, I can just email them or physically write them a letter. After all, everyone on the soul-sucking website posts every ridiculous (Or as of today, completely horrifying) detail of their lives. It’s very easy to track someone down outside of Facebook. Right? So why do I insist on checking it multiple times a day? I mean honestly, how many people can “friend” me, post a message on my wall, or send me some inane request in the span of 4 hours? The answer is… not many. So why do I spend so much of my life there?

Why can’t I pick up a book instead? Throw the ball with Libby and Justice? Fold laundry? Wash clothes? Spend time with Ashley? Sleep??

The answer my friends is…I’m addicted.

Yes, I have my first real addiction. It doesn’t make me more intelligent. It most certainly doesn’t make me thinner. It doesn’t actually make me more social. It does however, suck the life right out of me. So having made all of these facts a little bit clearer to myself, I think it’s time to officially back away from the computer and go enjoy the rest of this night with my sweet husband…and of course Justice, Liberty, and Gus.

Thanks for suffering through my rant. 🙂



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3 responses to “the perils of facebook

  1. rhooby

    yes. you must walk away from the computer. it will suck your brain right out of your head if you don’t walk away.

  2. katie

    rhoob, if you could have seen what I saw in fb last night you would have died. i seriously thought about cancelling my account. why do people feel that they must share everything with everyone? ps. the twitter account is about to be nixed as well.

  3. rhooby

    what did you see? what did you see????? i defriended someone because she started discussing her SEX LIFE on fb!!!! what a psycho…. did she not realize perhaps her coworkers or even boss may be reading this?????

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