sweet tooth

A friend asked me today why I’m always making so many desserts. I thought about it for all of a second before I said, “My husband doesn’t have a sweet tooth, he’s got sweet teeth”. Truth be told, I’m just as guilty as he is. I love sweets. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies… if it has a high sugar content, the odds are I’m going to be a fan.

All of this sweet tooth talk made me think of my grandfather, D. I will never forget going to my grandparents’ house, walking in the kitchen, and heading straight for the pantry. He never failed to have Baby Ruths, Lorna Doones, or a million other kinds of dessert goodies stashed away. God love the man. Even to this day for holidays we give him sweets.

But back to the original question…why am I always making desserts….
The idea that it’s all because I love sweets might seem a little gluttonous. So, from now on, whenever someone asks me that question, my answer will be…

My dear, why it’s all for research of course.



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3 responses to “sweet tooth

  1. Lindsey

    Speaking of sweets, have you tried Sublime Doughnuts? People were talking about it at work today. Since I drive by there everyday, I have to stop in and try it right? I mean, just look at the pictures!!


    p.s. we had the meatballs again tonight. my mom even went crazy and made homemade sauce. mmmmmm…..

  2. katie

    Homemade sauce? Okay, that’s intense! I love it!
    And yes, I have in fact tried Sublime Doughnuts, but it’s been quite a while. If you go, make sure you get there EARLY. They tend to run out fast, but man are they ever good.

    Let me know what you think!

  3. rhooby

    yes, yes, you must test sweets for research!!! sounds like a fantastic excuse!

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