so simple.


A few years back my friend Mary Ellen and I went to New York City for a fun weekend. Okay, so we basically stayed in Brooklyn the whole time, but when you’re from the South, anything in or around the isle of Manhattan is all New York City to us. Needless to say I loved everything about it, but I became obsessed with the graffiti. I don’t know if it’s the bright colors or the utter disregard for authority that I love about it. And don’t get me wrong, we’ve got plenty of graffiti here in Atlanta, but it seems that in NYC it’s more artsy and less gang-y. (Yes I made up that word and I’m leaving it.) So because this is me, I took pictures of it all. I even tried to pose in a few of them, but let’s be honest, I’m no model and the posing just looked ridiculous.

Some of the graffiti was even inspirational.

But I only noticed my favorite little piece of graffiti because I just happened to be looking down.
And to this day I’m still curious as to who this person is.



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5 responses to “so simple.

  1. katie

    somehow i need that post would resonate with you amy. all of those pictures were actually taken in so want to move back there. admit it, it’s okay.

  2. rhooby

    graffiti can be trash or art. you found some art!!

  3. MEP

    That trip was a few years ago?? My how time flies. Remember Coney Island and the itchy guy on the subway? I may have to go put on my Brooklyn t-shirt right now!

    • katie

      oh yikes. i totally forgot the itchy subway guy. and of course I remember coney island….yeap, it’s been 2 years since we went.

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