it’s friday.


I’m only halfway through the day and I just don’t think 5 oclock can get here fast enough. What’s worse is that I have a serious case of ADD these days, especially now that I’m relegated to cubeland, and this work week has dragged out more than imagineable. To make it through the work days I’ve now permanently attached my earbuds in my eardrums. Oh and because I feel like sharing too much personal information I actually downloaded Hall and Oates greatest hits.

Don’t judge me. It’s been a long week.

On the flip side, I did read a really funny post over at takethisjobblog and laughed until my sides hurt. Thank goodness there is humor in the world. .



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2 responses to “it’s friday.

  1. rhooby

    hahahahaha…. those are toooo funny!!!!! which one did you write and DON’T LIE TO ME!

  2. katie

    oh rhoob, i think you’d have to ask your son that question.

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