**Update: please note contest deadline has changed. **
For some unknown reason the month of July completely got away from me. Is it really already July 30th? That means it’s time to do a spotlight on the youarewhatyoueatorreheat reader of the month!

To enter just name the following in the comment section of this post:

1. Your favorite food
2. Your favorite restaurant

That’s it! You’re entered.

Winning prize is a $10 gift card from iTunes.

Contest deadline is 10p EST Friday, 7/31.
One entry per person.
Winner to be announced Saturday afternoon.

Good luck!



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5 responses to “SPOTLIGHT READER TIME!

  1. Portion-control Pete

    1. Jello instant chocolate pudding

    2. Baccanalia

    Portion-control Pete is aka Co-worker Scuba.

  2. amyb


    good news cafe

  3. Lindsey

    1. Mac and Cheese

    2. I’m going to go with Chicago’s for all of the Marietta peeps

  4. Murphy

    1. Katie’s meatballs

    2. Marietta Pizza Company…or anywhere with a patio really

  5. Leslie Chow

    1. anything asian

    2. anything asian

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