me. as a tourist.

I came across a really cool blog post the other day where the author was viewing her city as a tourist. It reminded me of a goal I set for myself some time ago via a website called “43 Things”. (If you’re interested in what my goals are/were, as I haven’t checked in on my list in quite some time, feel free to click here.)

Like I said, I actually set that goal for myself. I know I complain about Atlanta a lot, but there really are some great little treasures here. One of my favorite places in this city is actually a cemetery. I really hope that doesn’t freak you out, but I absolutely love Oakland Cemetery. When I go, taking my camera is an absolute must. The statues are amazing and the history is truly fascinating.

oakland cross

oakland statue redone

oakland cemetery confederate

So…wherever you are, whatever city that may be, get out there and check it out. Explore your surroundings and see what treasures you find. Then report back to me with all the fun things you discovered.



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4 responses to “me. as a tourist.

  1. You know, I lived in Atlanta for so long, and I never went there. I ate across the street several times, but I never went. This sounds like a good idea. Even though I am still technically a tourist here in NYC because I haven’t lived here long enough!

  2. Kelly

    Wow – the one with the confederate soldier’s grave is so beautiful. I really would love to see the cemetary too! Let me know the next time you go.

  3. katie

    craig, that’s because you were boozing it up over at 6 feet under. 🙂 and you should do a piece for your website. maybe be a gay tourist in your own town. that would be hysterical.

    Kelly, I need to go again soon. It’s been something like 3 whole months since I last went. 😉 Maybe we can bring Ingrid along and she can give me a tutorial. ps. thanks!

  4. Christina McClelland

    Are you taking appointments yet? don’t tell Walter, but I would love to get some professional shots of Griff! I know that you will be glad to have the new camera, but you are taking great pictures now with the old one!

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