farmer’s market pt 2

I realized that my post yesterday about the Marietta Farmer’s Market didn’t do much in the way of actually describing the farmer’s market. So today, I’ll do that with pictures…and because this is me, with words. Lots and lots of words.

That absolutely precious woman up above is called “The Rose Lady” and boy is she ever. Aside from the obvious fact that she’s just about the cutest thing I’ve seen, she grows the most amazing roses. From the brief conversation I had with both her and her daughter, I kind of get the feeling she’s a big deal. And so are her roses…
And if you ever get to meet the Rose Lady, just ask her who’s got the greener thumb… Her or her daughter…?…
She’s quick to tell you that she most definitely does. I’d have to agree.

Beyond my obvious love for the roses, which by the way, all smelled amazing, we enjoyed loads of fruits and veggies. (Did I mention that I didn’t actually buy anything yesterday? Aside from buying dog treats and a cupcake, I pretty much left empty-handed. Sad, I know. I mean just look. Did I mention I’m not very bright either?)





So the market went beyond fruits and vegetables. This place had anything and everything…
Umm, yes please. Isn’t it all about the packaging anyway?


And then I found something that I never expected to see at the Farmer’s Market….


These little guys….Greyhounds. Or rather, rescued greyhounds.

I didn’t think I would fall in love at the farmer’s market, but I did.
And I couldn’t be happier about it.



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8 responses to “farmer’s market pt 2

  1. Man that honey looks good. 🙂

  2. katie

    Thanks iheartfilm! And thanks for stopping by!

  3. rhooby

    i can’t believe you didn’t buy any food!!!!! everything looks soooo good…… wait! what am i saying?? cupcakes are food! great photos!

    • katie

      heck cupcakes are food! although, it really would have done me a little more good to buy the apples and not the sweets.
      oh well….too late now.

  4. Kely

    Your montage did the place justice for sure. I paid $2 for my greyhound kisses and they were worth it! I am totally enjoying my flowers.

  5. love the pics of the farmers market – really beautifully done. you might enjoy my farmers market post about one in nyc from last week:

    • katie

      hi carla! your adorable sister forwarded me your link. i loved your photos as well. i meant to tell molly that i wasn’t stealing your thunder. it just so happened that i had my first opportunity to hit up a farmer’s market around here too!
      ps. i love your site. it’s fantastic!

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