the farmer’s market

I just got home from the most fun-filled day ever. Oh did I mention it’s only 215p? I joined some old friends and a new one, at the Marietta Farmer’s Market. Since I’ve never been to one before I couldn’t wait to check this one out. My real goal wasn’t so much to buy fresh produce as it was to take pictures.

Unfortunately…if you’ll remember, I don’t actually own a DSLR so I really don’t have anything to show you today. I’m still working with film which these days is probably not considered to be all that cool. Personally, I still love my old Canon EOS Rebel, but I think it’s officially time to upgrade. Now…what makes this whole thing worse is that because film is a dying breed, all of the Camera shops are closing down. Yes, you can imagine my frustration. I’m hoping to take the film in to Target or some big box chain to have the photos uploaded to a disc. Not sure how soon that will come back to me, but I’m dying to see the pictures, but more importantly, I’m just praying some of them actually turned out. (Have I mentioned that I’m not a very savvy photographer? I stayed up late reading not only my camera manual, but also photo tutorials on how to understand aperture, iso, and shutter speed. If you can explain it to me to the point I actually grasp it, then we’ll be best friends for life.)

I digress.

I did happen to take at least ONE photo with my little digital point and shoot. So friends, I’ll leave you with this:



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6 responses to “the farmer’s market

  1. Lindsey

    Had a blast! I wish I would have bought some corn though….

    I like the pic! Can’t wait to see the others!

  2. Kelly

    Love my flowers and girls’ morning out. We defintely have to do that again!

  3. Really enjoyed it too! For all our chatting I never did get to explain aperture and shutter speed – oops! I guess it’s a reason for us to meet up again!

  4. rhooby

    happy that you had a great time! we went to our own saturday market here which is fantabulous. and the bizarre thing is one of the items i bought was a bunch of zinnias in the exact colors of your photo!! it’s flower karma!!!

  5. katie

    ladies I had an absolute great day. although i’m still a little bummed i missed out on the boiled peanuts. 😉
    ingrid, i’m taking you up on that. if i have a choice between reading the information on aperture/shutter speed/iso and listening to you explain it, you come out the winner. so just say the word ladies and we’re getting together. i’ll bring the cupcakes.
    rhoob- those flowers were .50 a piece. they’re going in my friend kelly’s house as she had a showing tonight. fingers crossed the third visit is a charm and she sells her house.

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