guilty pleasure(s)

so I have a few of them…and i’m not necessarily referring to guilty pleasures of the food variety. nope, i’m talking about trash tv shows. i hate to admit it but i love ’em. the worse they are, the more i love them. i especially love the junk that BravoTV serves up. is that network not the best at it? i mean the major networks can toss out junk like I’m a Celebrity…blah blah blah, but Bravo has its finger on the pulse. all it takes are those four little words to get me sucked in…

The Real Housewives of…..

my true love originally came in the form of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
housewives atl
truth be told i really only watched it to see if would even recognize the places these “ladies” visited. after all, i live in atlanta. i’m sure i’ve been to some of the locations, right? sadly, i had. and sadly, the show was horrifically bad which made it even more fantastic.

then, someone told me that I needed to watch the New Jersey edition.
so I did and it was glorious. no really. what is it about jersey women, thick accents, sick amounts of cash, and copious amounts of champagne that makes me so happy?

i can’t put my finger on it. all i know is that i love it.

and if you’re interested, the next installment of the Real Housewives will premiere on July 30th on Bravo….
oh and it’s in Atlanta.
you’ve been warned.



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6 responses to “guilty pleasure(s)

  1. rhooby

    seriously, sistah, you are white trash at it’s finest!

  2. katie

    and damn proud of it. 🙂

  3. Lyn Slattery

    Suggestion for “On Mondays”: give a quick preparation recipe. People think of the busy week and the little time for getting the food to the table. Thirty minutes is sufficient for time preparation if the food is delicious and low fat. The weekends can be for more exotic, even higher calorie meals that you actually have time to prepare.

  4. Agreed! My first love was ATL too, who could resist?! Next, I found OC, but more recently I’ve fallen for NJ and NY. This is an old post, do you still follow the shows?

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