fear pt 2.

But this scares me more.




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6 responses to “fear pt 2.

  1. rhooby

    uh….. what is this? i see a face somewhere in there….. so it has a mama. hey, that isn’t the baby you held, is it???

  2. katie

    that’s hysterical! do you really want to know what that is??
    umm, it’s what came off of libby after brushing her for about 10 minutes.

    thus explaining why i need to vacuum my house 42 times a week.

  3. rhooby

    maybe you should vacuum libby instead…

  4. katie

    I’m thinking we need to invest in a flowbee.

  5. katie

    ha! you’re telling me. i’ll deal with the disgusting fur because that dog is the best dog ever! 🙂

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