call me chatty cathy…

or katie..i’ll pretty much answer to anything these days. anyway, i’ve got a million things going through my mind right now and want to talk about them all…my cube that i posted earlier, the recipe i’m going to post tomorrow for white trash wednesday, the episode of family guy playing in the other room, my puppy resting so sweetly beside me, and photography. since i tend to talk about my dogs enough as it is, i’m going to go with photography.

i don’t know if you already know this, but i love photography. i’m completely in awe of it. anyone who can turn something simple into a work of art with a few aperture adjustments and a press of a button are alright by me. as i mentioned, i love it, i’m just not that good at it.

in my evening website adventures i came across a website called “cool photoblogs”, which lead me to this.. and now i’m in love.

i keep telling myself that by having a nice shiny new dslr all of my photo dreams will come true…but now i’m not so sure. i mean after all, i take photos that look like this:

not like this:

i know, sad isn’t it? one day…in the not too distant future i hope to be able to share photos this incredible with you all. and they will actually be ones that i took…with that shiny new camera.

alright, i’m done. thanks for listening.



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4 responses to “call me chatty cathy…

  1. Katie, although at first glance it seems like you are feeling a bit low, one could argue you are actually not? Before you get ready to hammer me for saying that :D, hear me out:

    You are photographing, and you enjoy it…it’s a journey. Tackling a challenge is exciting, and the fact that you wrote this post means you have the confidence you need for that:)
    And hey- your photo is really not such that you should complain so much šŸ˜‰

    The key is light, light and light. I am a learner too (really, an absolute learner) but maybe you will allow me to take the 1st photo as an example and point some things out?
    – Try underexposing slightly when clicking.
    The imp point here is to try that and see if you like it better. (Same applies to other functions…find your sweet spot)

    – Look in the VFinder or Live view and frame the picture carefully. What you leave within the frame, and what you leave out should be a thought out process. Sometimes objects/people cut off by the frame get distracting.

    – I guess composition is imp, but I’d rather not get bogged down by rules. Maybe you don’t agree? Then learn some more about composition, explore others’ work, and impose some assignments on yourself. Finally it will just come naturally.

    Yeah, there are so many thing to sing about…but I won’t anymore, I promise. If you check out my blog you will see that I am fumbling along the way too…I like to think I am improving, n that’s a fun thought so I’ll leave it at that šŸ˜‰

    Keep going..and keep it coming!
    Best to you!

    • katie

      What a fantastic comment! You honestly just made my morning. I will take your tips to heart and get out this weekend and snap away. As for exploring others’ works, I must say, your photos are awe-inspiring. I cannot wait to see more of your work.

      Thanks again for such a wonderful comment. I’m beyond excited that you stopped by.

  2. Katie- you are most welcome.

    Your post touched a chord somewhere, I love you honesty. I don’t pretend to be already ‘there’ either, and I guess there in lies the connection.

    Keep in touch, it’s a pleasure to know you!
    I will be following your blog assiduously:)

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