I just got home from visiting with my friend at her place of business. Unlike most of us, she doesn’t live in a cube world. She doesn’t stare at a computer screen. She doesn’t answer to 42 different bosses. She basically runs an art gallery here in town. Yes, my sweet dear friend is surrounded by beauty all day.

So maybe you and I aren’t so lucky. Maybe you and I do have to stare at a computer screen.
Maybe you and I do have to answer to 42 bosses, but I bet you find a way to surround yourself with beauty, don’t you?

For me it can be as simple as playing with my dogs….

March 15, 2009 005

Or messing around with old photos I’ve taken…
berry college

oakland cemetery confederate


But I do find a way. Somehow I make sure to find the beauty in something.

Because life would just be too ugly if I didn’t.

So, tell me…
How do you find beauty in your everyday life….?



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6 responses to “beauty

  1. rhooby

    you know me, girl. i love to create!!!! making things makes my life beautiful!!

  2. Lydia

    your desk is SO clean! how do you keep it that way? or did you just clean it up before taking the picture? and i recognize the last 2 pictures… didn’t you take those when we went to oakland cemetary together? if you want to take more, we can walk there after yoga one day!

    • katie

      actually, truth be told, that was my old desk. yeap, the original hrp desk before i moved into a cube, but it was the only office type picture i had. oh well. and yes! i did take the oakland cemetery picture with you! I’ve been back there a bunch of times since. and yes, we can definitely go after yoga!

  3. jennifer

    i look in the mirror, yo!

  4. katie

    and i just look at you sister.

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