my moment of zen

Thanks Lindsey for letting me know that youarewhatyoueat…was actually linked up on a recent Betty Crocker forum. Yes, this may have just made my entire day.

Thanks to Susan for the “healthier” peanut butter cookie recipe!



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6 responses to “my moment of zen

  1. Lindsey

    when life hands you lemons…look at the betty crocker website. πŸ™‚

  2. katie

    did you do this? if not, how in the world did you find it??

  3. Lindsey

    nope, not me. when i was responding to you on facebook, i was going to just put the link in parentheses as a plug to be funny. i thought you bought the domain name, so i put that in but it didn’t work. so, i googled and it came up in the results. voila!

  4. katie

    so exciting!! and quite the mystery, huh?
    and yes, i did in fact buy the domain name. clever aren’t it?

  5. rhooby

    is this your jump to fame?? and fortune???

  6. katie

    oh rhoob, one can hope.


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