When life gives you lemons….


When I was little my mom cross-stitched this saying, framed it, and hung it on my bedroom wall. Whenever I was sent to my room, I would stare at this picture and curse to myself at how irritating it was. And I was sent to my room a lot…you can only imagine how much I hated that saying.

Little did I know then that life was one big batch of lemons. I’m in my 30’s and I’m still learning that I have to make lemonade. Everyday we’re handed those lemons and everyday we have a choice of whether or not we’re going to turn that negative into a positive or just stay irritable and miserable. Most days I opt for the latter, but I know full well that’s the wrong choice. Can you imagine how much better life would be if we all turned one batch of lemons into a nice big pitcher of lemonade?



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3 responses to “When life gives you lemons….

  1. rhooby

    ain’t you the little philosopher? okay now, give us a lemonade recipe! now!

  2. kmslat

    ha! too sad i wasn’t smart enough to think of that along with my evening wisdom post.

  3. Lydia

    Just imagining little Katie being sent up to her room, looking at that saying and pouting to herself is cracking me up!!!

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