i dream of kitchens

3808470_2no, i really do. not only do i dream of them, i go out of my way to find (umm, and save) photos of them.

if you know me, then you know i’m completely obsessed with looking at homes online. my favorite site is Citihomes.com and i frequent this site daily. since my husband and i plan on moving in early 2010 i actually have an excuse to do some research. of course, because this is me we’re talking about, i’m more interested in the homes that range in the $1million+ category. now of course there is no way on earth i can purchase a home that costly, however i can admire the kitchens. and that’s exactly what i do. to take it up a notch i actually have a folder titled “Home Ideas” and i save photos of these incredible kitchens to this folder.

here are a few of my favorites:
(photo courtesy of citihomes.com)
kitchen 2
(again, all from the internet…)

but my favorite kitchen of all belongs to my friend Carissa. she and her husband bought a house that came equipped with an antiquated kitchen. what they turned that ancient thing into is nothing less than amazing.
see for yourself:



gorgeous, isn’t it? and that island…oh the island. what i wouldn’t give.
not to say that i don’t have a pretty cool kitchen too. i’ve got the dark blue pearl granite with stainless appliances. it’s perfectly fine, just a tad on the tiny side. a girl can dream of a big kitchen can’t she?

so, do you love your kitchen?
is it your dream kitchen?
if not, what would you change about it?



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9 responses to “i dream of kitchens

  1. rhooby

    i love your idea of dreaming of kitchens. if you’re going to dream, dream big!! those are gorgeous!!!

  2. katie

    now if i can get ashley to build one just like one of these in our next house i’ll be all set!

  3. rhooby

    tell him to simply build the kitchen – you can build the rest of the house around it!

  4. katie

    i like the way you think.

  5. Kely

    I have a folder too entitled house ideas. My favorite site is TinaFountain.com because you can search by school district. Helps with defining an area better than zip code and city sometimes.

  6. Lyn Slattery

    I loved your comment on the lemons. I worked really hard to make that crosstiching and I truly believe what it says. We get up in the morning and at that moment make the decision: will we make the day a day to remember or find fault with every little obstacle in our path???? The lemonade has always appealed to me. I’m so proud that you’re a true warrior and fight for the lemonade 90% of the time. Also, I’ll vouch for the quiche. It’s great for the ladies on a hot summer’s day.

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