in honor of the 4th…

I thought I should at least post ONE recipe related to Indepedence Day. I mean after all, aside from the fact we’re celebrating the birth of our nation, we are throwing all caution to the wind and eating our faces off!

This is without a doubt one of the best potato salads I have ever had the pleasure of eating. No really. It’s insanely good. So if you are going to a cookout, hosting a cookout, or just want potato salad, may I recommend this recipe.

Potato Salad
5 or 6 medium potatoes
2 eggs
hamburger dill pickle chips finely chopped
diced onions (but if you’re not a fan of the real deal, use a shake or two of onion powder)
a good solid squirt of mustard
mayonnaise (amount depends on how much you like mayo. I like mayo so I’ll be using a lot.) (oh and seriously, don’t try to get healthy with this step. I want to see you using the good stuff….Duke’s, Kraft, Blue Plate…)
Peel, wash and dice potatoes. Cook about 15 minutes after they come to a boil.
Drain potatoes, add other ingredients. Mix well.
And the final step-
This potato salad is incredible when served while still warm.

Trust me on this one.

So, what are your plans for this 4th of July?
Are you staying in town and spending time with friends?
Traveling to an exotic destination?
Watching fireworks with your 100,000 closest friends?

Do tell!



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4 responses to “in honor of the 4th…

  1. Lydia

    that sounds good! potatoes are probably my favorite food of all time. i love all things potato: fries, hash browns, chips, mashed, baked, potato salad, etc… so hopefully i will go to a cookout where someone will be serving up some delicious potato salad. i’ll be in chicago (leaving tomorrow morning!) and i know we’ll be watching fireworks, but not sure how else we’ll be celebrating.

    i’m also celebrating my own independence this week (since i quit my job. get it?) let freedom ring!

  2. katie

    best response ever lydia! i am so happy for you. and i can’t wait to celebrate the new job next weekend.

    have the best time in chicago and i’ll see you when you get back!

  3. rhooby

    we’re having a pool party here – 18 peeps invited. burgers, dogs, and whatever anyone else brings. we’ll have fun!!! wish you were here!

  4. Lindsey

    I might have to try this, although my mom’s potato salad is pretty sweet. It is basically red potatoes, mayo, and lemon pepper…so good! I agree that the serving warm part is the key. How can you really go wrong?

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