my new life.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I tend to suffer from blogger’s block. Well, I think I may have found the source of my problems.
It’s work.
Yeap, I think it may be sucking the creativity right out of me. Although to be completely fair, I’m not entirely sure I was that creative to start. Nevertheless, I think I’ll just blame work.

Speaking of, I don’t like to talk about my actual job because it really has no relevance here. However, I feel compelled to mention that I used to work in a building where I had an actual office.
Oh look, that’s it. (On moving day no less!)

And with that office came a view…
So it might not look like all that much to some of you, but when you have to leave said office for a cube, that view of that tall office building becomes the most amazing view you’ve ever seen.

But I’m not complaining.

Nope, not me.

Not one bit.

Okay, maybe I am.

Just a teeny-tiny bit.

But that’s okay, right?

I mean I worked in that office for almost 9 years. I think I’ve earned the right to complain a little bit….don’t you think??
(Smile and nod people. Smile and nod.)

So all of that to say that the creative juices aren’t really a-flowing lately. Could be the cube or again it could be that I’m just not creative.

Self-depricating yes.
Creative…not so much.

Thanks for listening.
Nice knowing you.
The end.



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2 responses to “my new life.

  1. rhooby

    i think you’re absolutely right. my sister, who is an extremely creative person, says she is not as creative when she’s working. i think since you’ve been taken away from the sky view (that’s what i saw instead of a building), it has stopped up your creative process. but i bet it’s short term. my creativity had been constipated for some months, then earlier this week it started opening again. as a matter of fact, my creativity is making something for YOU!

  2. katie

    First off, when are you NOT creative? I think you ooze creativity. (Ps can you send some of that my way?) And I hope you’re right that this is only temporary. I think you can see that my sister is not affected in the slightest. That kid is funny. I mean really funny. And you’re making something for me??? That’s awesome! Cannot wait! Thanks Rhoob!

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