Spotlight Reader- WINNER!

Oh lordy…the winner is Jennifer.

You have won a $10 iTunes gift card.

Next contest for spotlight reader will be at the end of the month.
I’ll announce at a later date.
Oh and this is how the number was chosen (just so you know I’m not playing any sort of game of nepotism). 🙂

And here’s Jennifer:
1. Your favorite food- All things mexican
2. Your favorite restaurant – mexican ones
3. Your most absolute favorite recipe (to be posted at a later date) – taco casserole
4. Your photo (okay, it doesn’t technically have to be a photo of you. you can choose to get creative if you’d like)

Isn’t sister just so funny?




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6 responses to “Spotlight Reader- WINNER!

  1. rhooby

    hahahaha!!!! loooove the photo! jen, you look sooo good!

  2. jennifer

    What?!? I’ve never won anything! First, I’d like to thank the Academy. I’d like to thank my family for giving me the opportunity to eat Mexican food, and to mom for teaching us that taco fixin’s on a bed of Fritos truly is a savory “Mexican” casserole. And finally, I’d like to thank my fans. Without you, I’d be… Well, I’d be much like I am right now. Sitting in my cube… with a plush Papa Smurf watching me type my acceptance letter. Oh well, this is still exciting!

  3. katie

    Don’t you just love the photo? Amazing. And yes, Mexican food is what we love most.

    Oh and I can attest to the fact that sister actually wrote her “acceptance letter” with Papa Smurf resting comfortably in her lap.

    That sister of mine just ain’t right. 🙂

  4. Lindsey

    Congrats Jenn! You forgot to thsnk Brian Austin Green…hee hee

  5. rhooby

    jen, i loved your speech!!! i laughed and laughed….

  6. Lauren

    How do I become a spotlight reader!!! 🙂

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