Nothing to do with food.

I talk about food a lot. It’s obvious that I love food in all of its many shapes, fashions, and forms, but sometimes I feel the need to talk about things other than food. I hope you don’t mind.

For those of you who know me well, I’m a bit neurotic. I fixate on things very easily. My latest obsession is with that little stat counter half-way down the right hand column. I’m obsessed with it. I monitor it daily…okay, more like hourly. And to make things worse I wish you could see what shows up on my WordPress “Dashboard”. I can actually see how many views I get per day, per week, per month. I think I have a problem guys. Of course it doesn’t help that I visit websites like thepioneerwoman who average some obscene number like 10 million page views a month. (*Disclaimer: she lives in the midle of nowhere with her 4 kids and rancher husband. Her website IS her job. Do not..I repeat…do not expect my website to ever look like that. You will be sorely disappointed.) 🙂

I digress.

One more thing, I occasionally suffer from blogger’s block. It’s a real problem these days and it stresses me out. The stress in turn forces me to stare at the stat counter which in turn stresses me out even more. See, one big fat cycle of insanity here.
So, if you ever have something you want me to cook, bake, photograph, or write about, just say the word. With your help I can alleviate writer’s block, help increase the traffic at youarewhatyoueatorreheat, and send crazy somewhere else.

It’s a win-win for everybody.

Thanks for listening.
The end.



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4 responses to “Nothing to do with food.

  1. rhooby

    okay. make that fabulous barbecue chicken. we had it last week for a party and not one piece was left!!!!

  2. marilyn

    count me as your newest reader! saw it when you linked on FB the other day…came over here, you were talking about taco casa…you had me at hello. 🙂

  3. katie

    love it marilyn! so glad to have you on board.
    oh and give that little peanut of yours a squeeze for me. he’s too cute!

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