have you ever?

No no no….it’s not that game. No, it’s way more G rated than that. Have you ever attempted to make a really good dinner (or as my Ash-man calls it…”an ambitious dinner”) only to worry

a) if it’s going to take so long that you’ll be eating at 10 o’clock?
b) that you’ve definitely over-reached on your cooking abilities?
c) what the hell are you talking about? i’m still trying to decide which lean cuisine to heat up!!



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3 responses to “have you ever?

  1. rhooby

    hellyes! yesterday was a perfect example. i made coq au vin. having made it once before, i knew it would take time, but i didn’t remember how much time. started it at 4 and was still working on it at 6:45!!!! good thing i started at 4. and good thing we didn’t have company waiting to eat. then i remembered the first time i fixed it, i made it the day before and served it to guests the next day. it was delicious and well worth the time.

  2. katie

    me too! i decided to make a pot roast, which actually ended up being really good. too bad we weren’t eating until around 9 last night!

    glad your dinner was delicious! coq au vin, huh? well aren’t you fancy?

  3. rhooby

    yes i am. i’m very fancy.

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