fun times in alabama..

I promise that statement is not an oxymoron. 🙂

After stuffing our faces full of my hometown’s best Mexican fast food we spent the next few hours at my mom’s all time favorite place ever All Fired Up! No lie. This woman spends close to every waking moment painting up pottery. For my entire life, my mom never tried her hand at painting or drawing so the fact that she treats this place like her second home is kind of exciting. Did I mention how talented she is at it?? Yeah, kinda puts the pressure on you when a)you only get to try your hand at it 1-2x a year and b)you are really, really, embarassingly lacking in the artistic department.
That’s me.
And this is how bad my work is…
Okay, okay, hopefully it won’t look that bad when all is said and done. This is only the first part of the process. The doggie bowl still has to be fired in the kiln to make it all shiny and pretty. (Fingers crossed mine actually looks presentable.)

My mom made these:
What are those you ask? Those my friends are taco holders! Did I happen to mention that my mom is a Spanish teacher? Makes sense now, huh?

Even though I’m atrociously bad at the whole thing, I always have the best time. How can you not enjoy yourself when you’re surrounded by family, friends, and fabulously fun pottery?



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4 responses to “fun times in alabama..

  1. rhooby

    there you go again….. talkin trash about your productions. i think you did a great job!!!

  2. kmslat

    I totally traced the writing on there. No way I could have done that myself. 🙂

    Oh, I think I’m going to make the black bottom cupcakes tonight. Cannot wait!

  3. katie

    this is a first test run…fingers crossed i don’t mess them up. 🙂

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