This weekend

My sister, whom I will always refer to as “sister” (it’s something she started calling me in college), and I are heading home this weekend for Father’s Day
dad thanksgiving 07
(even though our dad is in Buffalo, NY). As an aside, if you think he slightly resembles Carl Frederickson from the Pixar movie UP, well, that’s because he does.
We will actually be celebrating with our granddad.
d thanksgiving 07
Remember him? Yeap, he’s the pancake man. And he’s cute as hell.

Anyway, we will be dining at our favorite fast food restaurant this weekend and I could not be more excited. Any of you that are familiar with Tuscaloosa or even Birmingham (I think this place is in Birmingham) will know exactly what I’m talking about. I won’t spoil it yet. I plan on looking like a full on tourist in this place. Snapping pictures of the cashiers, the neon sign (yes, I said neon), and sister, my mom, and me all taking this food down! It’s gonna be a blast. I’m just sorry that you non Alabamians will never have the privelege to experience the food that I dream about…

So stay tuned….



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5 responses to “This weekend

  1. amyb

    ok first of look EXACTLY like you dad! second of all, your grandfather is sooo cute. Can I put him in my pocket and take him home with me 🙂

  2. rhooby

    i know where you be talkin bout!!!! are you bringing any home??

    • kmslat

      Rhoob- Ithink you’re thinking of the place Ashley likes…you know what? I may bring that home though! He loves it and man is it good. The place I’m referring to is nowhere near as nice. HA HA!!!

      ps. I can’t wait to go to Charlottesville again so I can do a post about Spudnuts! You best believe I’ll be going with you at 530 in the morning to pick up those bad boys!


  3. rhooby

    ooooweee!!! spudnuts are the BEST! i haven’t had any in a while. maybe it’s getting to be time for a run.
    so you’re going another special place? i can’t wait to hear about it.
    and it’s so funny that you look like BOTH parents! you really do…

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