a slow sunday

The dogs woke me up a little earlier than I would have liked so I decided I’d put on my running shoes and take the dogs for a walk. See, you like that? I’m wearing running shoes and I still won’t run! Anyway, after walking the dogs, cooking breakfast, sweeping the back deck and doing some laundry, I’m insanely bored! Why can’t I just sit still and read a book? Or take a nap? Or watch TV? Or actually clean my house? I mean really….there are about 50 things I should be doing right now, but I’m not and now I’m bored. I’m just not normal.

So, what are you doing on this relaxing Sunday afternoon?



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3 responses to “a slow sunday

  1. rhooby

    “bored” means your creative juices need to be addressed!!!

  2. rhooby

    snd i loooove the cupcake banner!!!!!!!

  3. katie

    awe shucks! Thanks Rhoob!! And yes, my creative juices were slow yesterday! But your dear, sweet son actually took me out to the driving range for a while where we both had a blast! he of course was incredible! (as he always is!) and i was well, tolerable, but I had the most fun.
    so yesterday ended up being a great day after all!

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