she shoots. she scores!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Remember the other day when I showed you the cupcake book? Well, today I opened it up to attempt to make some of the cute little cupcakes they’d created. I actually had a reason for making cupcakes this time too! It wasn’t because I was being gluttonous after my yoga class this morning, it’s because I wanted to make something for my sweet neighbors, Mark and Emi. After living a few houses down from us for 5+ years, they are officially moving to the burbs. Sad, isn’t it?

So here’s what I made:




That’s kinda supposed to look like Emi and Mark, but don’t kill me for taking a little creative license. Look, this was a first attempt. It ain’t gonna be perfect.

Then I tried to make another set of cupcakes from the book:
Here’s how they turned out.


Again, they are far from perfect, but they were incredibly fun to make and I am a sucker for pastels. Aren’t they just so pretty? So go on. Grab a box of cake mix, icing and candies, and have at it. Because just think, when it’s all said and done, you get to eat what you made.



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3 responses to “she shoots. she scores!

  1. rhooby

    i think those are fabulous!!!! you did a great job. and send me about 4 of those pastels….

  2. Emi

    I ate “EZ” first. Seriously, that was the best cupcake EVER!
    Then now.. I’m thinking if i should get “ME” first or “C” first.
    I’m sure that I can eat 3 more!
    Thanks a lot and we miss you guys….already!

  3. katie

    rhoob, i’ll send you those cupcakes if you send me a dozen blueberry spudnuts! 🙂

    and emi, hope you enjoyed your cupcakes. and i hope the new house is great! we can’t wait to check it out after you guys are all settled in.

    and yes, we miss you already too!

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