a weekend in LA

Let’s get down to brass tax. I love food and I think you guys are all pretty well aware of that now. So it’s no surprise that eating well was a top priority for me while in LA. Needless to say my trip was a success.

We started off at Shutters in Santa Monica. (It’s an adorable hotel right on the beach with a restaurant, that too, is right on the beach.)
Doesn’t it remind you of what Martha Stewart’s kitchen might look like?

Here, I dined chowed down on eggs benedict. Not sure if anyone knows that I’m obsessed with eggs benedict, so, here’s your official notice.

That night we ended up at an incredible Italian restaurant in Venice called C&O Trattoria. Umm, yeah. There are no words.
c&o trattoria

We actually ate outside. I know, right? You’re thinking, “how did you not die of a heatstroke? I mean, it’s summertime!” Well, this is LA. It ain’t like Georgia. They actually had to turn on the heat lamps. Granted, it felt like we were eating dinner on the sun, but aside from that, the night air was cool and oh so pleasant. Did I mention there’s ZERO humidity there? Yeap, I hate my life.

Then, as you all know we spent Sunday taking in the sights (and by sights I mean the celebrities). Oh we ate alright…we ate a lot, but unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of the restaurants, nor can I really even remember the names of the restaurants that catered the event…sorry! For dinner, Leigh and Aaron took us to the most adorable burger joint called The Counter. Apparently Oprah spoke highly of it a while ago and now I’m sure it’s a cultural phenomenon. I just thought it had incredible burgers, but then again, what do I know? the counter

All in all it was an absolutely amazing trip…as it is everytime we go. Thanks to Leigh and Aaron for being the most wonderful hosts. Just hope they have us back again soon. 😉

ps. here’s my official disclaimer: these are not my photos…well, with the exception of that rare photo of ashley and me. unfortunately, i was not smart enough to capture these moments so my sincerest apologies.



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3 responses to “a weekend in LA

  1. rhooby

    you know i’m so stinkin jealous!!!! those are my favorite eatin places!!!!!

    • katie

      I heard! Leigh said you guys always ask to go to The Counter. That place was perfect. Nothing like a good burger. Oh, I really should have included The Coffee Bean. I only had one vanilla iced blended, but trust me, I could have taken down about 5 more.

  2. rhooby

    hmmm…. i hear that coffee bean iced blendeds are good for your soul.

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