Should I work out or should I post?

I agree. So back to the LA story….

LA Pictures June 2009 016

Yeap, that’s Miley…

LA Pictures June 2009 017

And so is that…

LA Pictures June 2009 014

And that one is too.

Can you tell I saw Miley Cyrus this weekend? Yeap, she’s cute. Then again, she’s 15. Did I mention she’s worth millions?

LA Pictures June 2009 007
And that’s Lo (Lauren Bosworth) and LC (Lauren Conrad) from The Hills. Yeap, they’re worth millions too.

LA Pictures June 2009 012

And that’s me attempting to look cool when let’s be honest, I look ridiculous! Did I mention I had to crop the photo because the pose I gave was horrifyingly bad? (Remind me to never pose for pictures with famous people again! Oh, I guess that would imply that I might actually see more famous people…You know what, never mind…)

Why don’t I just end this post on a high note?

Shall we?
After all, I have no self-respect anymore…
LA Pictures June 2009 020

Yeap, that seals the deal. That pose alone proves that I can never be famous. Have you ever seen a celebrity look like that on a red carpet? Yeah, me neither.



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4 responses to “Should I work out or should I post?

  1. Lindsey

    I think you have the pose down. I guess the big question is….”Who are you wearing?”

  2. katie

    Well let’s start with the top and work our way down:

    Mossimo for Target
    Jeans by Seven For All Mankind
    Shoes by Nike- clearance section

    Hot, right?


  3. Kely

    You totally fit in without millions, a stylist, a trainer, an assistant and endless wardrobe. They ain’t got nothin on Slatterly! 🙂

  4. katie

    Well aren’t you the cutest! Thanks Kelly! And yes, Slatterly’s rock. Much like Huffman’s!


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