i wouldn’t have made…

Heidi and Spencer, originally uploaded by kmslat.

a very good paparazzo (is that the singular form of paparazzi?). i mean i took this photo of america’s favorite fame hounds, Speidi, a year ago and i hid the entire time. anyway, that’s not really the point. the point is ash and i will be flying out to LA friday night for the next installment of A Time For Heroes. as usual, we are incredibly excited to go. i mean how often in our daily lives do we get to see any real celebrities? (please note that the numbskulls above do not qualify as “celebrities”.) i can’t say that i’ll have any pictures from this adventure because well, i just don’t do that. hopefully though i will have some good stories to share. keep your fingers crossed.



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2 responses to “i wouldn’t have made…

  1. rhooby

    this post made me laugh and laugh – i don’t really know why. maybe it was calling those people (whoever they be) “numbskulls.” it was so funny!!!

  2. katie

    i had a few other choice words for them, but i wouldn’t want to offend anyone now would i? 😉

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