i <3 cupcakes


yes, it’s true. i love cupcakes. i love chocolate ones and vanilla ones and red velvety ones…you name it, i love it. the only problem is that i can’t make them look cute. it’s true. i katie o. cannot make creatively adorable cupcakes. no matter how hard i try, they always look like a 3rd grader made them. i’m hoping that will change though. i’m determined to make a really cute one soon. and that book up there is my latest bit of inspiration. it’s called “Hello, Cupcake” and it’s cute as hell. i mean just look at the cover! those are dog cupcakes. seriously? who thinks like that? i sure don’t. the best part is that the dogs aren’t even the best cupcakes in the book. i won’t spoil anything for you, because i think everyone should own this book. if anything, it’s just fun to thumb through. so, go my friends, buy the cupcake book that will make you wish you were a baker. or you can just run down to your local bakery and buy a cupcake instead. if you’re here in atlanta, might i recommend the Atlanta Cupcake Factory? this place is seriously adorable.




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12 responses to “i <3 cupcakes

  1. rhooby

    seriously, that book is the cutest! i’m gonna try some of the designs. they really aren’t that difficult.

  2. katie

    rhoob! yes they are! i can barely ice the cupcake. how in the world am i going to dress it up like a halloween costume? you’ll have to have a class or something because I’m afraid my talent ends when the timer goes off on the oven. 🙂

  3. Lydia

    Remember that link you sent me with the hello kitty lollipop cakes? You should try making those! Baking just takes practice. It’s not like you have to be super gifted.

  4. I almost bought that book the other night! I ❤ cupcakes too. A lot.

  5. Lindsey

    kelly and i tried to make cupcakes for the superbowl this year. we tried to draw helmets on them and they ended up looking like pac-man. if we could find a party that required pac-man cupcakes, we would be all set.

  6. katie

    honey, give me any excuse to make cupcakes…please. and we can attempt to make afghan hound cupcakes! ha ha!

    yeah, lindsey, i think you and kelly need a party…for something. Wimbledon? Us Open – golf, tennis? MLB All-star game…just don’t make me watch it. 🙂

  7. Lindsey

    I think we are going to have one for the next Kurt Browning Skating Spectacular…I will keep you posted.

  8. katie

    You know how I love me some Kurt Browning!
    ps. I may see Michelle Kwan on Sunday….we could make some cupcakes in honor of her as well…just because.

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  11. mairzeebp

    I have to make cupcakes for a family picnic this Saturday and while I love anything related to any kind of cake in a cup, my baking skills are, shall we say, someone get me a Tums awful. Last family function I ruined those pre-made cookies that you just unroll and bake. Yeah, ruined them. I was thinking of trying your black bottom cupcakes because they look fantastic. I had promised though to do a red velvet. Why when I can barely make plain old vanilla, who knows. It probably has something to do with my wanting to live in a house made of red velvet that I eat myself out of. Anyhoo, by any chance, is there a red velvet cupcake recipe that you dig? I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

  12. mairzeebp

    Katie, the red velvet cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting were a hit. The family was going in for seconds and you should have seen the looks on their faces when they heard who made them 🙂 I am officially off the blacklist. Well, for now. I am supposed to make macaroni and cheese next. You don’t know how much wrong you can do to a comfort food until you have had a seat at my dinner table. Ok, gotta run. Just whipped myself up a batch of the cream cheese frosting. Dinner time! Many thanks again for the recipe. If I had your address, my family would be sending you thank you notes and gift cards. I’m pretty sure they are already discussing how they can kick me out and adopt you. If I can’t find my place card at the next family wedding but see one for Katie, I’ll know… 🙂

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