I love food.


This is what I do every week. Against my will, I sit down every Sunday and plan out our meals for the week ahead. I’m proud of myself for not actually having planned pasta every night because typically, that’s exactly what I do. I have to admit that I do love me some pasta, but in all fairness, the stuff is just really easy to make so I use it as a crutch more than anything. If you’ll notice, there are only two nights this week with pasta dishes. That my friends is a good thing. I’m convinced that if I planned out a week of meals without thinking twice about it, we’d end up having chicken parm, lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs and this:


This has become one of my favorite go-to meals ever! And the best part is -it’s incredibly simple. I’ll post the recipe for this one later…but I leave you with this one question:
Are you as nuts about planning out your meals as I am?



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6 responses to “I love food.

  1. rhooby

    i’m very proud of you for creating a Meal Board. i absolutely hated making meal plans and i had to do it when the kids were living at home so they would have some decent food. it’s also essential to cooking responsibly and frugally. that said, what’s the photo of the superb looking pasta?? is that the ziti dish? will you post the recipe, pleeeeeez?

  2. kmslat

    i will! i have to actually sit down and write out that recipe. I kind of created it on my own. Sadly, that pasta dish doesn’t have a name. I just call it the pasta with sausage and spinach. nothing fancy.
    and i couldn’t agree more about the meal board. it really does help save money. it’s what helped us bank more money in those 4 months than we ever have before. and even now with things much much better, we still use it every week.

  3. amyb

    Can you plan my menu for the week? Oh and while you’re at it, can you cook it for me too?!

    • katie

      Oh Amy…absolutely. Of course you’re going to have to love pasta because that’s pretty much all I know how to make. 🙂

  4. katie

    ames? YOU’RE ITALIAN? no way! someone lied to you. you’re as irish as i am. i’ve seen those white legs of yours. 🙂

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