There’s this great little pasta place around the corner that we frequent every couple of weeks called Figo.  Funny thing is I never get the pasta.  I figure, if it’s something I can possibly make at home, I’d rather not get it.  So instead, I go for their paninis.  There is one in particular that I constantly salivate over.  It’s the mozarella and prosciutto panini and it is a little piece of heaven.  I’m such a fan of this sandwich that instead of taking the entire thing down at once, I always save half for leftovers.  No lie.  I’m really not kidding when I tell you this sandwich is fantastic.  And just so you know how much I love it even in it’s 2nd day form…I’ll show you:


I mean come on! Look at those layers. Prosciutto, thick mozarella, tomatoes, arugula, some sauce I’ll never learn how to make and that bread….oh lordy the bread.  There are no words.


World, this sandwich may be the food equivalent of the love of my life.  I think I may have to have you for lunch tomorrow.




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6 responses to “Figo

  1. rhooby

    what kind of sauce is it? tomato of some sort?

  2. rhooby

    i see now that it isn’t tomato sauce. next time you’re there, ask them what it is.

  3. kmslat

    would you believe it’s an herb mayo? you know, the irony in that ashley’s favorite thing ever is herb mayo from bellair market. i’ll see if they’ll tell me and i will let you know.

  4. rhooby

    oh, lordy, that’s making me drool…… you know, they have a website…

  5. kmslat

    i did not know that. but going to it is just cruel and unusual punishment. it’s not like i can get in my car and drive the 5 minutes it takes you to get there. so mean rhoob. so mean.
    ps. glad you comment. you are the only one! 🙂

  6. Lydia

    Mmm… that panini looks good, but that falls under the category of “not being consumed in public.” It just gets messy for me. Kind of like the Willy’s burritos! I’m all over ’em if I can get ’em to go though…

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