Henri’s Shortbread Cookies- UPDATE*

Because I’m an incredibly honest person I must admit that I did make the insanely delicious Henri’s shortbread cookies over the weekend.  You should have seen me go!  It was a sight to be seen, that is certain.  Working my magic with unsalted butter, loads of sugar, and one pretty ancient hand-held mixer.  Yeap, it was like I’d been baking all my life.  I was pretty darn proud of myself.  Well, those proud moments ended pretty quickly when I pulled the cookies out of the oven.  040

No, they don’t look bad, but they definitely don’t look like these. I mean, I’m just sayin’. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I could never make them remotely resemble the originals.  So, I gave up.  I actually still have the cookie dough in my fridge – as I type this. It’s probably starting to grow a nice green fur coat.  Hmm, guess I should toss it.  Oh, let’s get to the fondant! Wow.  It actually was really easy to make. It required enough sugary substances to rot my teeth out, but it was good.  Where I had difficulty was in adding it to the cookie.  I mean come on! Nothing in the baking world should be that hard! Again, please refer to the picture above for proof that I stunk at that final step.

Even though my first real attempt at making these bakery treats wasn’t the best, I did make my first batch of cookies – from scratch.  And no, they didn’t taste like the originals either, but they were still pretty darn tasty and I’m still impressed I made the effort.

So, with all of that said, would I do it again?  Without a doubt.




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2 responses to “Henri’s Shortbread Cookies- UPDATE*

  1. rhooby

    as long as they taste fabulous, who cares?? and i’m very proud of you for doing this – your first “from scratch” cookie!

  2. kmslat

    thanks rhoob! i was pretty excited about it too to say the least.

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